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Company Cards, recognised as one of the
leading Plastic Card manufacturers in the UK.

“Since our foundation in 1996, Company Cards has grown organically. We’ve built our business largely on the strength of word of mouth and a high level of customer retention. We’re able to hold on to our customers and have them recommend us to other businesses because we offer such a high level of service.

Our ability to fulfil orders extremely quickly – generally within 5 working days from approval and often much quicker – and our policy of no minimum order have given us a significant edge in our sector. Those factors have won us business with major supermarkets, gyms, football clubs, retailers, schools and many other organisations.

Fast and great value is undoubtedly a strong proposition. But it’s the quality and consistency of our print and the level of service that everyone in the organisation offers that keeps customers coming back.

That service starts from your very first phone call to us and continues throughout your experience with Company Cards. Our dedicated account managers work with you to ensure that artwork is checked correctly and hard copy or PDF proofs are dispatched quickly so that the end result is as close to perfect as possible. They can advise you on the best product to suit your needs and even suggest new opportunities that could improve your business.

Then there’s the part of our service that you don’t see. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands in our equipment and we’re hands on when it comes to operation and maintenance. Our policy of having two of everything means there is never any down time. Whatever happens, no matter how big your print run or how quickly we’ve agreed to supply it, you will always get your order.

We also make sure that we are up to date with all the latest developments in our industry. We recently partnered with the contactless chip manufacturer Legic so we can provide you with one of the most secure RFID card on the market. We’ve also researched the latest in sustainable materials for our Eco cards, helping your organisation meet its environmental standards.

I’m confident that, whatever plastic card product you need, you know that Company Cards will do the utmost to ensure that you are totally satisfied.” Timothy Scott, Managing Director

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